Cozy Chicken

Premium Poultry Bedding from the heart of Norfolk
Cozy Chicken Poultry Bedding
Cozy Chicken Poultry Bedding
Cozy Chicken Poultry Bedding
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Don’t feather your nest, Cozy Chicken it!

Are you lucky enough to have a chicken coop at the bottom of your garden – or thinking about getting one? Cozy Chicken bedding makes a soft, fluffy, natural nest giving family and smallholding hens the perfect place to lay eggs – or to nap before they do!

Cozy Chicken bedding is our new superior poultry bedding designed to keep family and smallholding hens happier and healthier. 

Carefully crafted from golden wheat straw freshly harvested from Norfolk fields to produce an ultra-clean, beautifully soft, dust extracted, chopped straw bedding, Cozy Chicken bedding encourages hens to behave as nature intended. So you can enjoy eating organic eggs – not to mention keeping chirpy chickens!

Cozy Chicken





Happy Chicken with Lady

Keeping happy chickens

Cozy Chicken bedding uses our unique Easy Breathe™ dust extraction system to ensure the best possible air quality for both you and your hens, with added pine oil to keep the coop smelling fresher for longer.

Chickens love to scratch through the straw encouraging their natural foraging behaviour, which keeps them happier and healthier. The cushioning effect of Cozy Chicken bedding gives hens the ultimate comfy nest, whilst keeping those precious eggs safe. It’s perfect, not just in nest boxes but in the coop too.

Poultry bedding straight from Norfolk

Cozy Chicken bedding is crafted from the finest, golden wheat straw, harvested fresh from Norfolk fields before being chopped and dust extracted with our unique Easy Breathe™ process which exposes highly absorbent fibres to trap air and create a light, clean, fluffy, extra comfortable bed.

The natural, breathable characteristics allow air to circulate. By taking moisture away from the hen’s body more effectively than other beddings, Cozy Chicken bedding will keep your poultry cool in summer and warm in winter. With pine fragrance added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties Cozy Chicken bedding keeps the coop smelling fresh and crucially keep it safe for you and your little friends.

Keeping hens is great fun and needn’t be a chore! We’ve packaged Cozy Chicken bedding in a truly huggable Handy Bale so it’s as easy as possible for anyone to handle it and disperse.

Cozy Chicken Bedding
Happy Chicken

Doing your bit for the environment

Cozy Chicken bedding is fully compostable and breaks down quicker than shavings, wood pellets and wood fibre – keeping waste to a minimum and also providing a brilliant medium for compost bins.

We source our straw and other materials as locally as possible to minimise transport miles.

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