Month: June 2017

Premium Poultry Bedding

Happy chickens are cozy chickens!

Jimmy Doherty

“With Cozy Chicken, the hens on Jimmy’s Farm Park will be enjoying extra comfy natural bedding!” Jimmy Doherty – Suffolk farmer and TV presenter. Cozy Chicken is a superior bedding designed to keep family and smallholding hens happier and healthier. Carefully crafted from golden wheat straw to produce an ultra-clean, beautifully soft, dust extracted, chopped … Read more

Go on – you know you really want a few chickens!

Chicken Bedding

Don’t be a chicken – get some of us! Contemplating whether hen keeping is for you? Imagine a few of your feathered friends pecking around your garden – carefully avoiding your prize flower beds and strawberries – and collecting some delicious, health freshly laid eggs, nestling on Cozy Chicken straw, first thing in the morning. … Read more