Month: October 2017

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Cracking Fryday! – World Egg Day

World Egg Day

Today’s the day Britain’s quintessential comfort food, the healthy egg is celebrated around the world. By a quirk of the calendar World Egg Day happens to be on Friday 13th, a date to strike fear into superstitious hen keepers’ hearts, unless they have taken steps to keep their eggs safe! If you are worried about … Read more

Cozy fried eggs

Cozy fried eggs

This Cozy Chicken recipe packed with vitamins and protein is the perfect mid-week pick me up! 2 organic eggs – lightly fried in butter Lettuce Rocket Watercress Red onions Pepper Black pepper Et voilà! Let us know what you think?

An eggcellent easy way to get protein

Chicken with Eggs

The new health superhero? A revolutionary supplement, the latest superfood or Asia’s centenary diet? Nope! The humble quintessentially British egg! Virtually free if you keep your own hens, organic eggs are a great way to keep all your family healthy. Not only do eggs offer an unrivalled source of easy protein, they come loaded with … Read more