Cracking Fryday! – World Egg Day

Premium Poultry Bedding

Today’s the day Britain’s quintessential comfort food, the healthy egg is celebrated around the world. By a quirk of the calendar World Egg Day happens to be on Friday 13th, a date to strike fear into superstitious hen keepers’ hearts, unless they have taken steps to keep their eggs safe!

If you are worried about cracking your hens’ eggs today of all days, all you have to do is drop an egg (preferably in a bowl – so it doesn’t go to waste)! If it cracks your bad luck is averted – or so the superstition says! Alternatively you simply need to visit Cozy Chicken website ( to order a bale of our premium bedding. Its cushioning effect is guaranteed to keep your eggs safe and your hens cozy!

Eggs, like Friday 13th, are cocooned in beliefs and superstitions that date back thousands of years. If you’re lucky enough to get an elusive, ‘one in a thousand’, double yolker today you can consider yourself truly fortunate – more vitamins, minerals and protein than with your ordinary egg!

Cosy Chicken doesn’t believe in taking any chances with your eggs. Their top quality natural bedding made from straw harvest in Norfolk is so soft and cosy, you can be confident your hens’ delicious organic eggs are safe and your hens healthy and happy.

James Foster-Clarke, Bed-Down’s Managing Director said, “Cozy Chicken makes a soft, fluffy natural nest, giving hens the perfect place to lay eggs – or to nap before they do and forming a cushioned bed to keep those prized eggs safe and clean!”

And, because Cosy Chicken is durable and highly absorbent it reduces daily maintenance, helping you out with another Friday 13th superstition – handling a broom today is also considered unlucky! So, you can forget about cleaning out for one day and just enjoy your omelette!

Cozy chicken bedding means cracked eggs only when you want them!