Don’t feather your nest, cozy chicken it!

Premium Poultry Bedding

It’s that time of the year again when chocoholics stock up on Easter eggs – whether organic or not. For the rest of us, who much rather eat the real thing, it’s a further incentive to keep our own chickens. But whilst cornflakes might make perfect chocolate Easter egg nest cakes, they’re unlikely to cut it with hens in need of comfort to lay their eggs!

However, poultry owners can now offer their hens the ultimate comfy nest with Bed-Down’s new poultry bedding. Marketed with a tongue in cheek name, Cozy Chicken is a superior bedding designed to keep family and smallholding hens happier and healthier. Carefully crafted from golden wheat straw to produce an ultra-clean, beautifully soft, dust extracted, chopped straw bedding, Cozy Chicken encourages hens to behave as nature intended.

James Foster-Clarke, Bed-Down’s Managing Director said, “The major blaze that severely affected our facilities last year gave us the opportunity to hatch some innovative ideas to support anyone wishing to keep hens in their garden. Cozy Chicken is brilliant for both young spritely hens and their more mature companions who might prefer to spend time sleeping in their nest boxes.”

“Keeping hens is great fun and needn’t be a chore! To help our customers, we’ve packaged Cozy Chicken in a truly huggable Handy Bale so it’s easy for anyone to handle it and disperse the bedding.” James added.

With pine fragrance added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Cozy Chicken bedding keeps the coop smelling fresh and crucially keeps it safe for their owner and their chickens. Its natural soft and absorbent properties give amazing durability and comfort providing a snug, warm bed during cold nights and a cool airy bed in the summer.

“Cozy Chicken makes a soft, fluffy, natural nest giving hens the perfect place to lay eggs – or to nap before they do. Just don’t expect them to lay chocolate eggs any time soon, though we’re working on that too!” James Foster-Clarke winked.