An eggcellent easy way to get protein

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The new health superhero? A revolutionary supplement, the latest superfood or Asia’s centenary diet? Nope! The humble quintessentially British egg! Virtually free if you keep your own hens, organic eggs are a great way to keep all your family healthy. Not only do eggs offer an unrivalled source of easy protein, they come loaded with 11 essential vitamins and minerals too!

If you want to boost your immune system, care for your eyes and keep your bones, teeth and muscles healthy, eggs are a great source of many essential nutrients including vitamins D, B12 and A, riboflavin, choline, biotin, folate, phosphorus, iodine and selenium.

Did you know that between October and March many of us don’t get enough vitamin D from sunlight, but eggs from hens raised outside can go a long way towards your daily requirements?

James Foster-Clarke, Bed-Down’s Managing Director whose business is celebrating 60 years of making quality poultry and equine bedding this year said, “Do something eggmazing this British Egg Week. Get some hens! You won’t look back. The combined pleasure of keeping your own hens and the health benefits of eating organic eggs simply can’t be matched”.

Get a taste of the Good Life without any of the drawbacks. You’ll find your hens are lots of fun to be around, come really handy in the garden – providing natural pest and weed control, and of course that great manure high in nitrogen making it ideal to fertilise vegetables – and best of all will keep hatching fresh vitamins and minerals in a shell for you day after day!

So what’s next? You could find a friendly breeder or register with the British Hen Welfare Trust to offer a caring home for a commercial laying hen. Get a coop – or even build one yourself, with dozens of great designs on line on sites like Pinterest.

You can also enter our #Eggcellent Prize Draw on Facebook for a chance to win one this month.

Then order our superior bedding designed to keep family hens happier and healthier

Cozy Chicken, is carefully crafted from golden wheat straw harvested in Norfolk to produce an ultra-clean, beautifully soft, dust extracted bedding that encourages hens’ natural behaviour.

“With pine fragrance added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties Cozy Chicken bedding keeps the coop smelling fresh and crucially keep those prized eggs safe and clean! Ready to enjoy.” James Foster-Clarke added.

Hatch your protein plan today!