Go on – you know you really want a few chickens!

Premium Poultry Bedding

Don’t be a chicken – get some of us!

Contemplating whether hen keeping is for you? Imagine a few of your feathered friends pecking around your garden – carefully avoiding your prize flower beds and strawberries – and collecting some delicious, health freshly laid eggs, nestling on Cozy Chicken straw, first thing in the morning. Dippy eggs and soldiers for breakfast? Or even the full monty…

And if it’s the prospect of cleaning up the coop that’s holding you back, even that needn’t be a chore!

Here are our 6 top reasons why

  1. Easy to handle bales
    We’ve packaged our Cozy Chicken bedding in a truly huggable Handy Bale so it’s just the right size and easy to handle and disperse.
  2. Less faffing
    Crafted from the finest golden wheat straw and harvested fresh from Norfolk fields, Cozy Chicken is a high quality, absorbent bedding not just for nest boxes, but in the coop too – so your hens keep clean and dry longer.
  3. No more smelly coops
    All our straw is stored undercover and moisture tested before being processed to avoid that musty smell!! With pine fragrance added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties Cozy Chicken bedding keeps the coop safe for your hens and smelling fresher for you!
  4. Healthier hens
    Cozy Chicken bedding is chopped and dust extracted with our unique Easy Breathe™ process which exposes highly absorbent fibres and traps air and create a light, clean and extra comfortable bed. Not to mention minimising the risk of respiratory problems so your chickens don’t get to know your local vet!
  5. Sleep with an easy conscience
  6. We source our straw and other materials as locally as possible to minimise transport miles and the impact on the environment.
  7. Free compost supply
  8. Cozy Chicken bedding is fully compostable and breaks down quicker than wood shavings meaning your plants can soon enjoy a ready-made supply of high quality compost! Maybe for some nice tomatoes to go with your eggy breakfast?!

How to use Cozy Chicken bedding
Step 1 – Start with a clean, dry coop!
Step 2 – Spread Cozy Chicken evenly around the coop (25mm in depth).
Step 3 – To provide a comfy and safe environment for brooders and eggs, you can add some extra Cozy Chicken in the nest boxes (100mm).
Step 4 – Pick the poo daily with a hand-held scoop or gloves and add more bedding when required.
Step 5 – A bale of Cozy Chicken will last approximately three weeks as added pine oil keeps the coop smelling fresh and the bedding stays dry.