Happy chickens are cozy chickens!

Premium Poultry Bedding

“With Cozy Chicken, the hens on Jimmy’s Farm Park will be enjoying extra comfy natural bedding!” Jimmy Doherty – Suffolk farmer and TV presenter.

Cozy Chicken is a superior bedding designed to keep family and smallholding hens happier and healthier. Carefully crafted from golden wheat straw to produce an ultra-clean, beautifully soft, dust extracted, chopped straw bedding, Cozy Chicken encourages hens to behave as nature intended.

Chickens love to scratch through the straw encouraging their natural foraging behaviour – which keeps them happier and healthier! The cushioning effect of Cozy Chicken gives hens the ultimate comfy nest, whilst keeping those precious eggs safe. It’s ideal, not just in nest boxes but in the coop too.

James Foster-Clarke, Bed-Down’s Managing Director said, “We’re celebrating 60 years of making quality animal bedding this year. The major blaze that severely affected our facilities last year gave us the opportunity to hatch some innovative ideas to support anyone wishing to keep hens in their garden.”

With pine fragrance added for its natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, Cozy Chicken bedding keeps the coop smelling fresh and crucially keeps it safe for their owner and their chickens. Its natural, soft and absorbent properties give amazing durability and comfort providing a snug, warm bed during cold nights and a cool airy bed in the summer.

“To help make life easier for our customers, we’ve packaged Cozy Chicken in a truly huggable Handy Bale. And customers can even get our bales delivered to their hens’ coop – Cozy Chicken is now available online.” James concluded.

Don’t be a chicken about keeping us in your back garden! It’s not just our eggs that are good for you.

(Photograph courtesy of Jimmy Doherty)