So much more to hens than eggs – eggducational!

Premium Poultry Bedding

Chickens bring lots of lifestyle benefits – we’re not just thinking fresh eggs whenever you fancy them – but also the chance to give a great educational experience for children!

Those friendly pets are just as home in an urban garden as they are on a farm. So children, and families in general, can foster their connection to the countryside and where their food really comes from. Imagine the face of your little ones lighting up at the sight of a coop full of fresh eggs!

We were surprised to hear that, according to a new study by The Prince’s Countryside Fund, 12% of people living in Britain between the ages of 18 and 24 have never seen a cow! And just as shockingly, 41% do not know when common fruit and vegetables are in season. So do they think that eggs come out of factories too?!

Raising chickens not only provides a link to the countryside so many families seem to be desperately lacking, but offers a further incentive to do things like growing their own vegetables. Even in small gardens.

And apart from being free, did you know that chicken manure is high in nitrogen making it ideal to fertilise vegetables? Children will really enjoy getting their hands dirty planting then watching and eating the vegetables they grow from seedlings!

Another one of the many benefits of backyard chickens includes them ‘rotivating’ your garden’s soil – as well as providing natural pest and weed control, and of course that great manure!

“Carefully crafted from the finest, golden wheat straw, harvested fresh from Norfolk fields before being chopped and dust extracted with our unique Easy Breathe™ process, Cozy Chicken bedding is fully compostable and breaks down quicker than shavings, wood pellets and wood fibre – keeping waste to a minimum as well as providing a brilliant medium for compost bins.” James Foster-Clarke, Bed-Down’s Managing Director

So once your hens are done with their comfy Cozy Chicken bedding, make sure to compost their coop’s litter. It’s easy – just forget about it for a couple of months before you use it in the garden.

Eggs. Eggducation. Eggcellent, tasty vegetables. All from cosy, happy chickens.

Time to lay plans to get some for your family soon!