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Are you lucky enough to have a chicken coop at the bottom of your garden – or thinking about getting one? Cozy Chicken makes a soft, fluffy, natural nest giving family and smallholding hens the perfect place to lay eggs – or to nap before they do!

Superior quality bedding crafted from the finest, golden wheat straw, sustainably harvested fresh from Norfolk fields before being chopped and dust extracted with our unique Easy Breathe™ process for better respiratory health.

Encourages the natural behaviour of poultry!

Cozy Chicken at a glance

  • Poultry bedding from chopped and improved wheat straw
  • Insulating in winter, light and airy in summer
  • Durable, absorbent, comfortable for hens
  • Keeps eggs safe and clean
  • Naturally anti-bacterial & anti-fungal
  • Pleasant natural pine fragrance
  • Fully compostable
  • Great value for money, easy to use & store

Choose Your Plan
Cozy Chicken is offered as either a one time purchase or choose from one of our 3 handy subscription options for your hens bedding.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently shipping to the UK Mainland only.


How to make the perfect Cozy Chicken bed

Step 1 – Start with a clean, dry coop!
Step 2 – Spread Cozy Chicken evenly around the coop (around 1” or 2.5cm in depth).
Step 3 – To provide a comfy and safe environment for brooders and eggs, add some extra Cozy Chicken in the nest boxes (100mm).
Step 4 – Pick up the chicken poo daily with a hand-held scoop or gloves and add more bedding when required.
Step 5 – A bale of Cozy Chicken will last around three weeks depending on the size of the coop and the pine oil fragrance will keep your coop smelling fresh.

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Chickens With Cozy Chicken
Cozy Chicken 2 x 10kg Bales