Top tips from Suffolk based hens breeder, Ken Leggett

Premium Poultry Bedding

A couple of weeks ago, we decided that it was about time we started keeping a few hens here! With so many beautiful fields surrounding the farm, we’re certainly not short of space and of course we have been supplying our customers with high quality poultry bedding for so many years.

It was about time we had our own Cozy Chickens!!

So who else to turn to but local poultry breeder Ken Leggett?

Ken is very local to us indeed. He’s only 20 minutes away from Cherry Tree Farm, near Beccles and has been keeping chickens for 60 years. He breeds and shows Light Sussex and speckled Sussex bantams, Wyandottes and Buff Orpingtons – for which he has won several first prizes over the years.

What’s remarkable about Ken is that he has been keeping chickens since he was only 10 years old. A passion he kicked off with show bantams. After a rather long break, Ken started showing again some 40 years later and hasn’t looked back since.

Ken’s hens came with his great top tips!

  1. Poultry, like any animal or human, needs to be kept in clean conditions and fed good quality food and clean water. Make sure water drinkers are washed and disinfected regularly.
  2. Poultry houses should be well ventilated, but not draughty, with the ventilation always at the top of the house.
  3. Keep a close eye for insects on the birds and in the house, as these can be blood-sucking parasites and need to be dealt with promptly and properly. Ask your vet or pet shop for advice!
  4. Pure bread poultry do not lay as many eggs as hybrid hens, however they are more attractive to the eye. When deciding what poultry to keep, why not go to a local poultry show where you can easily pick the types of birds you like the look of?
  5. Why not join a Poultry Club? They usually have regular meetings where you can learn all you need about poultry keeping.

Wise words. We’ll let you know how our very own Cozy Chickens are getting on soon!